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If you truly wish to have optimum oral health care, it is important to make sure that your brushing skills are elite, and that your toothbrush is working effectively. If your toothbrush becomes damaged or worn down, it will not be able to function as intended. Furthermore, you should always select a toothbrush and toothpaste that have been given the ADA Seal of Acceptance by the American Dental Association for the highest quality, safety, and proven effectiveness you can find.

Never just let your toothbrush lay around on its side. Doing so can cause it to gather harmful materials and bacteria that will eventually find their way into your mouth. In addition, if you share a bathroom with other people, make sure that toothbrushes do not touch each other, as it will lead to contamination. This includes making sure nobody else uses your toothbrush, or vice versa. Furthermore, make sure to store your brush in an aired-out area, as keeping it enclosed in a container for extended periods of time can cause moisture and mold to form.

The ideal toothbrush is properly sized for your mouth and consists of soft bristles. Hard bristles can be abrasive to your teeth and gums, especially if you have a sensitive mouth. Typically, a toothbrush lasts around 3-4 months, so replace it as necessary. If you struggle to brush with a manual toothbrush, try switching to an electric automated toothbrush.

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