Prevident® is toothpaste that contains a very high concentration of F-. Teeth exchange chemical elements with whatever is on the surface. If the tooth is coated with acids, the elements that make up the hardness of the teeth will dissolve out tissue and the teeth soften and eventually decay. Likewise, if high concentrations of G- are applied to the surface of the teeth, F- actually enters the teeth and helps to make it denser and less vulnerable to decay. Another benefit of dense teeth is that they are less sensitive to cold, so using Prevident may be used as a desensitizer.

Brushing, Flossing, and Rinsing with Your Regular Toothpaste
Take ½ inch of Prevident toothpaste and smear it on teeth, gums, and tongue. The objective is to coat the inside of the mouth. Spit the excess out. Do not rinse.

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