Industry Standard Materials for Making Crowns

A crown is designed to effectively restore the enamel layer of a tooth that has been damaged or compromised by advanced tooth decay, fracture or required cosmetic restoration. The specific tooth’s function and appearance in your smile will determine which industry standard material Kaitilin Riley DDS recommends for your new... Read more »

Early Diagnosis of Oral Cancer Improves Treatment Success

There are essentially three different phases involved in the regular dental check up performed at Kaitilin Riley DDS. The two initial phases of the appointment focus on cleaning your teeth as well as detecting tooth decay and gum disease, and exploring any needed treatment options. The checkup them concludes with... Read more »

The Dangers Posed by Advanced Periodontal Disease

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, poses a serious threat to your oral health, and can even influence other medical conditions. While there are several factors that increase your chances of developing gum disease it is primarily caused by hardened tartar at the gum line. This tartar buildup happens... Read more »

Clear Correct for a Cosmetically Appealing Smile

Clear Correct is a brand of removable clear plastic braces that has been growing in popularity for adults that have minor alignment issues. The plastic aligners are durable and the clear plastic makes it hard for the casual observer to even notice you have them in. At the initial appointment... Read more »

Choosing the Right Whitening Option to Brighten your Smile

It’s not uncommon for age, tobacco use, or dark foods and drinks, to dull your once bright white smile. Many people with dull or stained teeth choose to investigate their whitening options. The depth of staining on the teeth will greatly influence what tooth whitening products are right for you.... Read more »

Tips and Techniques for Maintaining Your Crown

A crown represents a significant investment in the form and function of your tooth. When properly cared for, it has the potential to last a lifetime. While a crown is not subject to tooth decay like the enamel of your natural teeth, it will require regular brushing and flossing. Over... Read more »

6 Tips For A Better Brush

You know that brushing your teeth is imperative to a healthy smile, but do you know the correct way to brush your teeth? Here are a few tips to follow if you want to brush your teeth well. Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes time. Following this... Read more »

Encouraging Good Oral Hygiene Habits in Your Child

Encouraging good oral hygiene habits in your child when they are young helps start them off on the right foot for the rest of their lives. It’s also worth noting that if one of your child’s primary teeth develops a large area of tooth decay it might need to be... Read more »

Restoring Your Tooth’s Cosmetic Appearance with a Crown

If one or more of the teeth in your smile has been damaged by chips or small fractures and you are interested in having it cosmetically restored. For some people dental veneers can improve imperfections in your smile. However, if one or more teeth have extensive damage in the enamel... Read more »

Dental Care: Knowing Which Dental Filling is Best For You

Do you have a tooth that has been attacked by decay? If so, we are here to help you with a dental filling! There are many dental fillings available in the dental world today, including: • Silver (Amalgam) Filling: A silver amalgam filling is a common restoration that can withstand... Read more »