How to Detect and Treat a Failed Dental Filling

Dental fillings are one of the main treatments to repair a tooth that has a cavity, and while they can be very long lasting and undergo a hardening and cementing process when first placed, they are not meant to last forever. Your filling may eventually fail as oral bacteria starts... Read more »

What Can Veneers Do?

Have you heard about veneers but are unsure of what they do? Veneers are thin shells that are made to look like your front teeth. They are placed over your front teeth with the intent to hide minor blemishes and replace them with a nice, white smile. If your front... Read more »

A Dental Checkup Catches Early Signs of Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

Tooth decay and gum disease are all too common in the American population. This is especially disconcerting when you consider that they are easily preventable through the practice of a consistent oral hygiene routine and regular dental checkups with our dentist, Dr. Kaitilin Riley. Each checkup starts with one of... Read more »

How Should I Treat My Tooth Sensitivity?

If you’re looking for ways to treat your tooth sensitivity, you’re not alone. Many people do the same because they find tooth sensitivity to be painful, annoying, and inconvenient. Our dentist, Dr. Kaitilin Riley, doesn’t blame you! Fortunately, there are things you can do to relieve your tooth sensitivity. However,... Read more »

Beyond the Brush: How To Feed Your Smile

Dental hygiene is often emphasized when discussing mouth health. But did you realize that how you FEED your mouth is just as important as how you CLEAN your mouth? Here are some things to remember as you strive for the healthiest mouth possible.   You’ve heard it before, and you’ll... Read more »

The Steps to Include in Your Morning and Night Oral Hygiene Routine

If you’re curious to know if you have the proper oral hygiene routine, then our dentist, Dr. Kaitilin Riley, is more than happy to help you. Oral hygiene is very important. In fact, it’s vital if you want a top-notch smile and oral health. This is why it’s strongly recommended... Read more »

Tooth Hazards That Can Improve Your Smile

It is important to consider all aspects of your lifestyle, even mine or ones that can lead to serious dental damage. Even simple things like the products you consume or the lifestyle choices you make can easily lead to poor oral health in the form of tooth hazards. Thus, it... Read more »

Information About Halitosis Prevention

  Are you receiving the treatment methods necessary to prevent bad breath from arising in your mouth? If bad breath is present, it means foul odors are emanating from your mouth. However, not all foul odors are originating in your mouth as well. They could be caused by food, poor... Read more »

Oral Health: Fun Facts You Should Know

Are you interested in knowing more about your oral health? Would you like to know the truth about your oral health? If so, you have come to the right blog. Today, our dentist, Dr. Kaitilin Riley, is excited to teach you about teeth, gums, and smiles by sharing some fun... Read more »

Oral Health Care Fundamentals: Dental Crowns

One of the most highly praised and well-regarded services within dentistry for restoring teeth is a dental crown. Dental crowns are multifaceted and can be used for numerous benefits. They are extremely effective because they are cemented over the entirety of a tooth on all sides, not only giving your... Read more »